Pro-vitamin B5, also known as panthenol, is an alcohol analogue of vitamin B5. This vitamin is found naturally in the skin and is a cofactor in lipid biosynthesis. It plays an essential role in stimulating cell regeneration and healing damaged skin tissue. This particularly well-tolerated molecule can adapt to all skin types: dry, irritated, damaged, sensitive, or mature.

Pro-vitamin B5 is essential in cell metabolism, which keeps the body healthy. The power of this active ingredient is found in its ability to regenerate the skin: its repairing and anti-ageing properties.

  • Repair & regeneration: known for its benefits both on the surface and in depth, pro-vitamin B5 is a natural stimulant for the development of new epidermal cells and therefore can repair damaged tissue.
  • Hydration: by synthesising essential lipids in the skin, pro-vitamin B5 keeps the skin barrier intact, and significantly increases the amount of water in the skin.
  • Anti-inflammatory: its soothing properties make it an essential active ingredient for reducing inflammation.

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