Formulation & ingredients

Concentration. Efficacy. Respect.

Because we belong to the Clarins Group, a skin expert for 60 years, we are proud to have superior know-how in the art of formulation, complete control of all our sourcing – and therefore what we incorporate into our formulas – and the ability to produce in France in our own laboratories.


Our formulas, with high concentrations of active ingredients, offer maximum performance whilst taking care not to push the skin’s tolerance threshold too far.


Our formulations are rich in key molecules with proven results but also respect living organisms. Choosing excellence in every area, we have committed never to compromise between science and nature. We select key molecules that we combine with purified botanical extracts or biotech-boosted power to create the most effective formulas. Our products then undergo a wide range of dermatologist-controlled tests to ensure both their safety and their effectiveness. We believe in complete transparency, you will find the remarkable results of our clinical and consumer tests in each of our product profiles.


We choose our ingredients so that they are as effective as possible, whilst respecting the skin and its microbiota. Our leading molecules are peptides chosen for their biomimetic and bioassimilable qualities, already present in the human body and which stimulate our biological mechanisms.

90% of our ingredients have natural origins and our formulas are completely free of parabens, mineral oils, phenoxyethanol, BHT, sulfated surfactants (SLS, SLES) and phthalates.

… And sensorial textures

The well-being that comes from the most luxurious textures and applications is essential. This is why our formulas are also developed for their sensory qualities, pleasing to the touch and on the skin, delicately scented with notes of rosehips and white musk.

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It provides in-depth definitions of the specialised vocabulary around our products and technologies.

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