[noun] The fermentation process, used for thousands of years to make wine or preserve vegetables, is now widespread in many industrial processes, including in the cosmetics industry. Fermentation occurs when microorganisms and enzymes, set within specific conditions (temperature, oxygen level, etc.), will biochemically modify another organic matter.

For plants, there are two ways to initiate the fermentation process: through the supply of external microorganisms (ferments) or by using the microorganisms the plant itself hosts.

Fermentation is a process that has been tested and proven. Fermented plants have demonstrated optimised active properties as well as beneficial effects on the skin microbiota.

In myBlend products, fermented turmeric was selected to be incorporated in formulations. Once fermented, this plant has anti-inflamm’ageing properties: protecting the skin from the effects of ageing by virtue of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

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