Chantal Lehmann

Manual therapy expert

« Massage is an art, massaging is an art de vivre. »

Facialist Chantal Lehmann, fascinated with the art of massage since childhood, has travelled the world for more than 20 years to learn and hone her knowledge of the body and massage techniques. Believing firmly that body, mind and spirit are one, she approaches massage holistically with her own special technique. Combining massage techniques from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices, she has designed a scientifically patented protocol and founded a massage training school.
For myBlend, she has developed a range of unique massage protocols combining absolute well-being with visible effectiveness, enhanced with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Dr. François Michel

Dermatologist & Expert in Laser Therapy

« Light has tremendous tissue-regenerating power that is still underutilised. »

Member of the Laser Group of the French Laser Society and the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr Michel is a lecturer in France and abroad. He specialises in anti-ageing medicine and today practices medical dermatology, aesthetic medicine and laser applications.
Dr François Michel helped develop an optimal test protocol (break time, session spacing, etc.) needed to demonstrate the LED mask’s effectiveness on skin regeneration.

Dr. Béatrice de Reynal

Doctor of nutrition

« Our skin is the mirror of our health, drawing its appearance and strength from deep within us. »

Béatrice de Reynal is a doctor and nutritionist specialising in innovation, Director of the Nutrimarketing agency and founder of the Dermonutrition Society. Her quest is to understand and explain what consumers put on their plates.
Dr de Reynal has been essential in developing the products in our nutri-cosmetics range, highly effective supplements that respect the body’s needs.

Olivier Courtin

Managing Director of Clarins Group – Founder of the myBlend brand

« Today’s women need truth. And truth means adjusting more to their feelings, to their skin’s needs than to their age. »

Son of Clarins founder Jacques Courtin, Dr Olivier Courtin is now Director of the Group’s Research Laboratory. He is also the author of numerous books on living well and the secrets of healthy eating.
myBlend was born the day this former surgeon realised that each skin has sufficient potential to regenerate and repair its own cells provided its neuroimmune system functions well.

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